Chapter 414

Lake County, IL

What our members have been building...

Nieuport 28 

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The Nieuport 28 was a hallmark biplane from WWI. Designed and built in France, the Nieuport 28 aircraft were issued to American squadrons in 1918 and became the first aircraft to see operational service with an American fighter squadron.The Nieuport was quite maneuverable for its time, and many WWI American pilots such as Quentin Roosevelt, the son of US president Theodore Roosevelt, as well as American aces like the 26-victory ace, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, flew the French-built Nieuport at one time or another in their careers.

This kit was received in November 2016 and building began in Jim Goodman's KUGN hangar/machine shop. Target completion date is 9/9/2017, in time for the Northern Illinois Air Show. Building activities are mainly on Monday and Fridays. For more information, contact Jim Hull.

Lake County Veterans Memorial F-111 Aardvark

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The Lake County Veterans Memorial concept started with the acquisition of an aircraft from the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum in Rantoul, IL. Faced with a loss of funding, the museum was forced to close in 2016 and had to either relocate its exhibit aircraft or have them scrapped. About the same time, Waukegan airport manager James Stanczak had applied for the loan of an aircraft from the U.S. Air Force to put on display at Waukegan National Airport. Through his efforts the Air Force agreed to transfer an F-111A from Chanute to Waukegan National Airport in December of 2015. Many years of outdoor exhibition have taken its toll on the aircraft which was badly in need of a restoration.

That's where EAA Chapter 414 comes in.This aircraft has been delivered in disassembled form to a hangar at the Waukegan Airport. Although the loan of the aircraft is under the auspices of the Waukegan Port Authority, a number of the EAA Chapter 414 members (most notably Jim Hull who is leading the restoration efforts) have been and will be volunteering their time and talents to prepare this aircraft for a magnificent display at the airport.  Most of the restoration efforts will concentrate on reassembly, corrosion removal, sanding and painting the plane.

Dave Smith's RV7 (completed in 2011)

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The Van's Aircraft RV-7 is a kit-build, all-aluminum, two place, 200 mph, aerobatic capable airplane, and one model in a line of hugely popular kit airplanes from a company that started in a little shop in Reedville, Oregon in 1972.  Thousands of kits for this sporty 2-seater have been built or are in the process of being built. 

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