Chapter 414

Lake County, IL

Nieuport 28 July 2017 Update

We have a couple photos of recent activities with the Nieuport, thanks to John Cecilia. The fuselage tube frame is complete and ready for the engine to be mounted. The man with Jim Hull in the photo below hanging that beautiful Rotec radial is Brian Kelly, best known for his RV-8R, a Rotec-powered Vans. He stopped in to give some great guidance around the requirements for all the systems

Meanwhile, Joe Shea and Jim Goodman were busy working on covering the control surfaces.

Nieuport 28 January 2017 Update

Construction on the Nieuport 28 is progressing at a fast pace. Since taking delivery of the kit in November, parts have been inventoried, missing parts replaced, and construction has begun in Jim Goodman’s KUGN hangar. Jim’s hangar was selected as the preferred building site instead of the original hangar because A: it is well heated, B: has good lighting, and C: there is a complete machine shop inside. Did I mention it’s heated?

Construction began in November 2016, and there has been good progress in the last 6 weeks. When the weather warms and the aircraft is ready for rigging, we will move into our original hangar. Construction of the fuselage tube frame is nearly complete. Bob Hamilton and Mike Racette have put in many hours measuring, coping tubing, and riveting this assembly. With the final riveting of a few remaining gusset plates, this portion of the assembly will be complete. Jim Goodman formed and assembled the horizontal stabilizer. He has also completed major work on the landing gear assembly. John Cecilia, Bob Herrick, Jim Hull, have spent hours forming the rudder assembly, drilling wing spars, and bending at least 500 wing ribs (well, it seemed like that; maybe only 100). Paul Alleman, Bill Costello, Mike Fazio, and Joe Shea have all put in time helping on these and other portions of the project.

Our next major task is to build a structure to hold the fuselage stable while we assemble and rig the wings onto the fuselage. The rig should be completed by mid-January, and the wings in place by the end of the month. The project is on schedule for completion before the next Northern Illinois Air Show (9/9/17).

We current meet Monday and Friday days to work on the project. For more information, contact Jim Hull.

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Original Volunteers: John Cecilia, Mike Racette, Bob Herrick, Bob Hamilton, Jim Goodman (Quality Assurance), Jim Hull (Project Manager) – October 2016

Parts layout for the fuselage side to visualize the project.


December 12, 2016

January 13, 2017. Fuselage is upside down. Note the landing gear struts and axle at the top of the picture.


Wings are starting at the right. Tail is almost done.
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